Advanced monetization platform for charging of services, complex management of customer profiles and invoicing.

Variable Solution
Rapid Implementation
Custom Development

Document Generator

creates documents by predefined templates and provides then in required formats

Bill Aggregator

aggregates charged events into invoices in predefined billing cycles or on demand.

Data Exporter

exports data in required structure and form.

Balance Management

manages, modifies and monitors Counters associated with provided Products and Services.


collects, analyses and charges events by defined products and results maps on Billing Services.

Resource Inventory

manages information about resources used by provided services.

Product Catalogue

defines Services, Products, Price Lists and criteria for their application in the charging and following invoicing processes.

Customer Management

manages and provides complete view of Customer data used in the charging context.

Voucher Management

manages issuing and later application of prepaid and discounting vouchers and all vouchers for service provisions.

Accounts Receivable

records and manages financial activity on customer accounts which aggregate all its receivables.

Qubefy can be easily customized according to your current and future needs and requirements

Thanks to modular architecture and use of the latest technologies the final solution will be adapted to customer’s individual requirements independently of industry, most often in telecommunication or financial markets but also in utilities and other businesses.

Solution areas

Qubefy always offers a solution. The platform can be used for management of the entire end-to-end process of events assessment and charging of services or just for single area solution. It is adaptable to be functional in different businesses and easily extensible according to the growth and changes in direction of your business.


The platform fully covers categorization and charging of any prepaid and postpaid services, based on configured pricelists and managed customer profiles. Flexibility and maximum time effectivity during implementation of complex service bundles helps to quickly react on market changes, extend and innovate service portfolio according to current trends and preferences.

  • Fully configurable tariff/fees system
  • Convergent price calculation supporting various price models
  • Flexible customer hierarchies enabling services sharing
  • Retail price, wholesale price, commissions
  • Spend monitoring
  • Individualized prices

Billing and Invoicing

Based on individually configured billing cycles the platform provides the continual aggregation of charged events into the final document. The application of various complementary rules, e.g. aggregated discounts or minimum spending limits can extend the billing and invoicing process itself. The final document is provided as a statement, invoice or data record.

  • Document quality check
  • Variable formats of outgoing files
  • Combine several invoices into one
  • Variable rounding scheme
  • Individual due date
  • Automatic or manual billing cycle closure

Accounts Receivable

The platform enables to capture the receivables, collect them on the customer accounts, handle their remittance and manage the entire dunning process configured according to the customer requirements. The wide range of supporting tools, reports and statistics can help to improve everyday management of accounts receivables.

  • Automatic matching of received payments
  • Application of advanced payment during receivable posting
  • Balance adjustments
  • Direct debit

Customization according your needs

The application can be reconfigured or extended according to the customer needs either during implementation or the follow-up support and maintenance. Platform’s components support typical areas however the same components can be used to prepare atypical customized solutions. The components can be rebuilt into the necessary shape with customized functionality or extended with additionally developed parts of solution.

Typical implementation

The typical implementation lasts approx. three months for the middle size service provider and covers an analysis, development and configuration, testing and deployment. The analysis starts immediately after the contract signing and its aim is to define integrations with legacy systems, collect information on provided products and services and design templates of outgoing documents. Development and configuration run in parallel with the analysis. The system is ready to be deployed for testing purposes at the end of the second month. The third month is dedicated to functional testing and administrators training. Then the system is ready for the pilot deployment with our full support.



Professional consultants with long-time experiences will gladly help you to solve your issues related to charging, billing & invoicing and accounts receivable areas either from business or even technical point of view. As an independent experts with personal approach we can help you to select optimal solution which suits your needs.

  • Case Studies
  • Gap Analysis
  • Optimization of current solutions

Support and Maintenance

We offer multiple levels of support to our customers. Individual approach and detail business and technical knowledge prevents potential problems which finally increases effectivity of operation of provided solution.

  • Service Desk
  • Guaranteed response and bugfix time
  • Minor changes on the fly
  • Prepaid resources

Solution operations

Our solution can be provided as a service. We can operate complete hardware and software maintenance and ensure ongoing checks, complete service in technological area (hardware service, fixing technical issues), system area and application area (bugfixing of OS and entire application).

  • Allows you to focus on your core business
  • Save operating costs
  • Ensures availability and relaibility


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